GR-800 Series

GR-800 Series

Trench drain

The most important characteristic of this new trench drain is it’s V drainage profile that improves the evacuation capacity, guarantees a superior self cleaning effect from the bottom and eases support on a cement bed. Built in painted steel with 1” high galvanized grid for normal circulation (cars, vans, small lifts) or 1w” for heavy circulation (suffix GXH). For a quick and easy installation, these trench drains are made of lockable sections. Each section is supplied with anchoring plates to fix 2” threaded rods in the ground (supplied by others) while taking care of screwing a nut on top and on the bottom of the anchoring plate, which allows you to adjust to the wanted level without difficulty. Installed in repair workshops, parking lot’s, factories, industrial condos, etc. to capture water, the sand, oil, and all sediments from the cleaning of the floor of the working environment. These drains have to be connected to an adequate size capture basin (GR-600 series) or a sand interceptor (GR-520 series) to not infringe article 4.7.6 of the plumbing code. In order to avoid congestions in the pipes and in the evacuation network, it is important to periodically drain the capture basin or the sand interceptor while ensuring that the sediments do not find themselves at the height of the exit pipe.

Options (Suffix)

  • GXH High galvanized grid (1 3/4) for extra heavy use
  • LP Thermal epoxy coated