Capteurs GR Welcomes you

Specialized manufacturer in grease and oil interceptors for over 30 years. At Capteurs GR Inc. it is our priority to ensure high quality policy, by implementing a system based on the preservation of the environment. We have been at your service for numerous years in order to offer a full range of quality products at affordable prices, all in according to your needs. In addition, we manufacture custom-made models, to accommodate you when in need of replacement or during an installation in a particular or restrained area.

We offer

Grease & Solids Interceptors in restaurants

Oil & Sand Interceptors in garages, workshops, etc.

An Eco-Friendly Product

A High Quality Local Manufacturing

Some products from our various series are certified

B481.0-07 B 481.1-07 
(ASME) A 112-14-3
Environment Minister

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